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Better Gut Health

‘Most chronic illness is generated from the gut and in particular what enters your bloodstream through the intestinal lining.’ ~ Scott Mathias, CHHP, AADP

Since time immemorial, the Papaya (Carica Papaya), sometimes called Paw Paw has been a crucial ingredient in natural healing and has also been part of the staple diet of many of the Planet Earth’s indigenous peoples.

Papain is the living proteolytic (protein seeking) enzyme within the flesh of green papaya and to a lesser degree ripe Paw Paw.

A Miracle Fruit?

From a scientific perspective, Papaya contains acetogenins that modulate the production of ATP or adenosine triphosphate in mitochondria of cancer cells.

The enzyme in the Papaya (Papain) is also referred to as a ‘protein eater’ because that’s exactly what it does, as well as seek out ‘high energy’ users within the cellular environment. 

An example of these types of cells are cancer cells that use high levels of electrical energy to stay alive; they have a higher electrical charge than a healthy cell which the Papain enzyme spots and sets out to destroy. 

Parasites, protozoans (Malaria, Dengue, Ross River Fever, Lyme Disease), and Blastocystas also fit into this category.

Parasites and opportunistic bacteria are more prevalent these days, and are often overlooked in personal healing protocols but are ‘fodder’ for the Papain enzyme.

Papain is also known to support the breakdown of proteins in the gut. 

The gut’s function is simply this; to break down both plant and animal protein. 

If the gut is running slowly, or in a state of ‘emotional atrophy’, then Green Papaya Powder taken straight after eating will take over the breakdown process and support the gut in its process of maceration (food breakdown).

This means the output from the gut known as ‘chyme’, will be 100% prepared to receive pancreatic and bile juices that further prepare the ‘gut mulch’ for nutrient absorption in the small intestine.

If the gut is compromised in any way, then much of the protein remains intact, flows by gravity into the small and large intestine, may lodge in intestinal loops and coils causing inflammation that bear the names of:

  • Diverticulitis
  • Colitis
  • Crohns
  • Celiac
  • IBS

The gut is a series of horizontal muscles that are powered by the electrical charge given off by the billions of bacteria that should inhabit that gut cavity. 

However, due to diet, stress, the use of antibiotics, vaccine residue and negative emotional experiences, the gut slows down because the good bacteria have died off.

The fewer bacteria there is, the less electrical charge the gut has to draw on as it attempts to break down proteins – animal and plant-based.

A major by-product of a poorly responsive gut function is higher than normally acceptable levels of acid in the GI (Gastrointestinal Tract). 

Parasites love an acidic environment. 


Rotting protein in the GI is food for parasites.

Now you can begin to have some joy in your life again, with expectations of a happier and fruitful life becoming the norm, once your gut is functioning properly again.

If you have any of the following symptoms,  then green papaya has the capacity to support your body towards its own healing:

  1. Depression – not enough nutrients in the cerebral fluid to feed the brain
  2. Thyroid Issues – the gland cavity is acidic
  3. Bloating – too much gas is being created
  4. Reflux – food coming back up the osophageal tract (spontaneous vomit)
  5. Heartburn – burning sensing in the chest
  6. Indigestion – pain and discomfort after eating means gut metabolism is slow
  7. Belching – gas being released from the body
  8. Flatulence – gas being released from the body
  9. Muscular aches and pains – Fibromyalgia, Arthritis
  10. Gout – residual acidity lodge in your feet
  11. Weight issues – both too much and too little
  12. Heart issues – High BP, arrhythmia (erratic heartbeat)

The above issues are all very common symptoms being experienced today.

We have introduced pineapple to the Green Papaya Powder, because it too contains a proteolytic enzyme called Bromelain.  At the same time, adding Turmeric which is a well-known anti-inflammatory spice;  this COMBO is great at hitting chronic inflammation quickly, and works as efficiently as straight Green Papaya Powder.

We use the entire green papaya, including Papain-rich green skin, white flesh and yellow and black seeds, so you get the benefit of the whole fruit.

pineapples contain bromelain puravitalis

Try some green papaya powder for yourself and notice how quickly symptoms can subside or disappear completely.  Go to my online shop. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!

Informative Resources About Green Papaya

Here are some links that talk more about the benefits of green papaya powder. 

Have a look and make up your own mind about how you’d like to approach your own healing, but remember to please canvas all options with your health professional.

Life is about making choices; none of them are better or worse, they are just choices.

Choices tend to present themselves when knowledge about a given matter is present. 

Everyone is different, and what may work for one may not work for another. 

Call it ‘gut feeling’, then go with it, whether it’s allopathic medicine with a pharmaceutical treatment or another option like dried green papaya powder.

The choice is yours and yours alone.

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